Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I feel so helpless..

any advice you would like to give?


I feel so helpless..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh God..

I can't find a layout that works!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh God..
I'm having trouble changing my page layout.

this one sucks!

I want to change this.

Jennifer Hudson Joins Ellen's Bathroom Concert Series!

Hey guys!
Check this out!
I love this video.
I'm an avid fan of Ellen.

This is the best video I've ever watched in her show.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer and movies...

It's been so long since I've posted an entry in my blog.

I missed this..

anyway, I'm posting because of this movie I'm watching at Youtube. Here's the synopsis.


Ootani and Tachibana have been inseparable since high school. Now that they're in college, they live together, they're happy and everything seems prefect. But their little world is disrupted when they meet an old high school friend, Yuki, who seems to have a crush on Tachibana, making Ootani feel jealous and insecure. Will Tachibana really choose him over a pretty girl?

Here are the links to the movies:

Part 1 -

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thinking of You....

(a quick post)

This Katy Perry song really caught my attention the first time I heard it. It's because the sound is a bit mellow rock, which is new from Katy Perry since her Hot 'n Cold and I kissed a Girl were lively and shows energy.

This song shows the other side of Katy Perry. It shows how versatile she is.

You could tell from this picture what the song is about. The music video is about a woman who was with a soldier. And when the soldier left to fight, the woman found someone new. She was not happy with the new guy and still thinks of Mr. Soldier.

Katy Perry - Thinking Of You by Franky••DIVA••.

Here's the music video of THINKING OF YOU.

By the way, Matt Dallas who is the KYLE XY star is featured in this video.

I love this song.

It plays in the background of my blog. Look at the bottom!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

pictures!.. yipee!

How do I look? hahaha, LOL

how 'bout here?

Cris, Me and Chie.

Cris and I...

Chie and I..

Cris, Ikit and Chie

Chie and Monton

Chie and Monton

Chie and Monton.. Look at Monton's face? hahaha hillarious.

Chie and Monton again..

Cris and I.. This was taken last Wednesday during our ever boring major subject.

Cris on the mirror.
Mirror, mirror on my hand.. Who is the fairest of them all?

Cris, Nying and Chie.
I can't remember when this photo was taken.

The three of us were drunk when this photo was taken.
Look at me!

Fix your hair Nying.
She lost her comb. haha

Monton at the canteen outside our school.
Winning smile!

Nying and Monton...

Chie and Nying during our drinking session.
Check out Chie's shirt, it has my name on it (Robi).
She borrowed my shirt.
Wish she'll return it soon so I can wear something. LOL


Chie and Nying....drunk!

Sorry if the photos are jumbled.
I'll just arrange them next time.
No time now.!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Use somebody...


Scorpio - Get into a deep conversation with someone who needs some good, sound advice today.

crap! I'm the one who needs someone to talk to right now...

I'll never believe in this crap again.! (sometimes I do believe)

I'm sick of this life. I'm so sick of everything. I'm sick being single, ugh, I'm so pathetic...

Why can't I have the things and person I wanted?

Life is so unfair.
It never gets on my side.
shitty life. *fuck it*

With each passing day, I realize even more how much I'll never have that person I wanted the most.

I'm so sick of this.

*you know that I could use somebody*

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I realized something --- something so many people don't know.

You don't really mind something once you get used to it.

---------so true.

the loneliness.

the coldness.

the emptiness.

the shattered heart.

you won't mind them when you get used to them. I know, I do.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today's the last day of Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Maragondon Extension's 22nd Foundation Week.
And everyone's up for a celebration.

Today, my friends and I just hanged out at my place. And when it's 3:30PM, they all went home except me. I went to our school and found out about the soiree. I saw some of my classmates there and didn't hesitate to join them.

Last Monday and Tuesday, there's not much to do so my friends and I decided to have a drinking session. Well, it was a starter for a bigger drinking session that happened today. Yeah, every single student organization in PUP-ME emptied their wallets for the beers and liquors.

Every student society found their own places around the campus to celebrate PUP-ME's birthday. One beside the canteen, another in a not-so-large vacant lot and another under a mango tree. They set up chairs and tables that would accommodate everyone who wants to join in.

Electronics and Communications Engineering Students' Society (ECESS, the student society where I belong since I'm an ECE student) turned one class room into a mini bar. There were several cases of beers everywhere, a karaoke and party people. Everyone was having a great time and everybody's friends with everybody. Outside the room, the ECE girls are cooking fishballs, fries and I don't remember the other one. So apparently, the CLASSROOM became a karaoke bar. hahaha.

We started at about 4 in the afternoon. About three groups of drinkers divided the room. At first, I was only drinking with 3 persons. 2 of my classmates and 1 2nd year student. Then our small "group" was divided. I joined a larger group which composed of 5th years, 4th years, 3rd years and of course, my other classmates.

The students of higher years were very accommodating and pleasant to everyone.
So the nerves were off when some Kuya's and Ate's introduced theirselves.

It's a relief that everyone was so warm in their greetings and NO ONE would feel out-of-place.

Drinking, singing and talking to everyone was the routine thoughout the event.

When the night falls, as I went to the comfort room to pee, hahaha, I saw a lot of students --- drunk students. There was even a girl who cannot manage to stand on her own and has to be carried by her friends. It's a good thing the beers haven't gotten into me and I still have control over my body. LOL

By that time, the classroom became more bar-ish. A few students packed up and went home. While some others resumed their drinking session when they managed to have more beers. (After about 2 hours, more drunk students but less alcohol. haha)

Most of us were on out feet now and they started partying. (I was either sitting or loittering around) The karaoke singing became more intensed when 2 students had a duet. It was fun to watch.

At about 7:30 PM, I decided to go home coz my companions already went home and I wouldn't be much fun anymore if they weren't there.

All in all, more friends (hopefully), fun, and a lot of enjoyment. (they were synonimous though)

When I got home, I started feeling a bit of headache and a cup of coffee couldn't make it go away.
So till now that I'm blogging, after about 3 hours, there's still a bit of it in the head... Urgh!

Till then, cheers!
(Can you believe it, a university tolerating drinking? LOL :-) It was so much FUN!)

January 29, 2009 10:50 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm glad I have all of you...


I think this picture's the one she liked the most since this is her primary image at friendster.
I didn't ask her permission about posting her picture in my blog so maybe she'll get angry or something. Hope not.

She's one of my dearest friends and one of my bestfriends.
She's really nice to me and I'm sure I'm nice to her too. LOL, :-)
She's been my friend for almost 3 years now but it feels like decades. haha, we're not that old.
She's always there for me.. I can always count on her and she can count on me on almost anything. Thank you Abi coz you've been there all the time and you still are.

CHARMAINE "Nying" B. Cultura

I've known her since childhood.. since I was in 4th grade. During that time, we're not that close but now, in college, I could say she's one heck of a girl.
She laughs louder than any other girl at school. I think she's really a guy in disguise. Just kidding Nying. :-)
I love to hang out with her at school. We just talk about anything and everything. Gossips maybe. LOL
She's always there for everyone. Always with a welcoming arm. TRUE???????!!
I don't think so.. LOL

(I'll just write something about
Antonio Molarte some other time. As soon as I manage to have a pic of him. He's a beautiful guy. soon to be a girl. LOL)


We studied in the same school during high school. We're not classmates though. I knew her by just her name. But now, I could tell so many things about her.
She's a let's-do-whatever-you-want type of girl. Well, that's what my fucking mind thinks about her. *peace*
I don't think she's nice. . . I know so. Do you? hahaha.
She's just an average girl who has so many boyfriends. . . . we don't even know who they are.
JUST KIDDING! She's a stick-to-one girl.. (if she really loves the guy, if not, I don't think so. haha)
So much for Cris. Oh, I almost forgot. . . She's a very good singer!

KRIS "Chie" Arquiza

She's a happy-go-lucky person.
She has so many suitors all at the same time. (Whew!)
I think her only problem in life is picking one out of those guys that wanted to be her boyfriend.
Take that as a compliment Chie. :-)
Jezzar? hahahaha.

Laurice "Ikit" Malimban

OK, everyone should know this girl. Frank, bubbly, always happy (I think so) and very lovely.
That's all I could say about her. :-)


Well, this guy will surely capture every woman's heart. He's athletic, no vices, a very good friend though always silent. Sometimes i think he's trapped in his own world and he can't manage to go inside ours. ADDICTED to DOTA. I think he loves the computer so much that he sometimes forgets to eat lunch (or sometimes eats late). That's all I could say about you ABIS!


Monton (we're used to calling him by his surname) is a very sweet guy. Right Nying? hahaha. Campus heathrob in the making. We told him to compete as Mr. PUP but he didn't get to compete this year because of our lack of support. Don't worry, there's always a next year. Girls would get their chance to see Monton in his undies probably next year. (There's an underwear competition) Hahahaha. That's all.

So this took me for almost 1 and a half hour looking for pictures and describing each person. I better go now to have dinner, I'm really hungry. Till then. Cheers!

January 27, 2009 9:30 PM (Philippine time)

More Excited.... "Eclipse"

Now I am more excited to read Eclipse..
I finished New Moon over the weekend and I think it didn't give readers as much thrill as the first book (Twilight) did.

So I'm hopeful and quite enthusiastic that Eclipse would be much more fun to read than the first two. That the thrill I felt while I read the first two books would be amplified by this one.

I'm looking forward for more action. (Don't we all?)

After this, Breaking Dawn's next. Can't wait.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Excited... "New Moon"

I borrowed Twilight from my best friend last Dec.31 and I finished reading it on January 5 (at least that's what I remember..).

At first, i was not really into it. But eventually, I liked it.
After reading it, I watched the movie. I was a bit upset and disappointed at the same time since there were so many revisions and additions in the movie.

Anyway, today I managed to borrow New Moon from Abi (my bestfriend) and I'm very excited to finally read it.

(I posted this so I could bring up something new. I wanted to put here my unusual but not so shocking experiences these past few days. But maybe I'll just post them next time. I'm feeling a bit lazy right now, LOL :-D)

got to go home now... January 23, 2009 10:35 PM (Philippine time)

Monday, January 19, 2009

RULES and LAWS in Loving a Homo Sapien

(I made the draft of this post in a piece of paper earlier this afternoon. But unfortunately, I lost it on my way in the computer shop. Crap! So here it is...)

While walking in this street - the street I've known for 17 years of my life, why wouldn't anyone just point a gun at my head and just pull the trigger?

Or a drunk driver just run me off causing a massive bleeding on my head and instantaneous death?

Or maybe a group of people would beat me off to death?

But that wouldn't be nice, having a distorted face on my funeral and everyone would not recognize who I am.

That's suppose to be my day, so i should look good.

Anything that would destroy my face is not an option.

I want to be remembered --- I should be remembered.

But I guess, DEATH is the only way peole would be remembered.

Why do you have to love then get hurt? You'll be born and then die? Why do you have to love someone so much and yet you'll get nothing in return?

Everyone wants to love and to be loved. But sometimes, i mean, more often, your love is not reciprocated --- it's one-sided.

Well, that's how it really goes. You cannot oblige someone to love you back. What's important is loving that person and giving yourself whole-heartedly.

That's in the "Rules and Laws in Loving a Homo Sapien"

(Don't try to look for it, I just made that up. :-))

You'll be on your knees, face down in the dirt.

You'll get hurt.

You'll be miserable.

I guess it's better not to love at all. In that way, you'll not end up hurt, crying..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Emotional balance. . . Think again.

I was browsing when this photo caught my attention.

I could see the frustration in his eyes, his coldness, moreover, his loneliness.

I somehow felt connected.

I asked myself, "how many times in my life have I felt the same?"

(of course I don't know the answer coz I don't have "emotion tally sheets".. LOL :-D)

There are times in our lives that we feel alone, that there's no one we can turn to.. that there's no one to embrace us when we feel cold.

Such emotional agony is intolerable. We should think of happy thoughts (be realistic). Think positive. Uplift our feelings. Keep ourselves busy.

This way, we won't have time for sadness.

BUT sometimes, when we are not feeling good and we just feel like crying, let it be. It'll be over before you know it.

I think it's not healthy if you keep all those emotions inside. Let them out!

There was a time when sadness engulfed me and after some time, I just felt INVINCIBLE..

Impenetrable with any emotions. ---- NUMB. . . .

They say that being numb is not good. It's not human to be numb in a way that you don't care about anything --- anyone.

But for me, apathy gave me a sense of security. That no one could hurt me emotionally.

Do you think apathy is good?

Think again.

Emotional balance.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So this is my first blog entry.

I really don’t know what to put here or how to start.

So I’ll just type whatever comes into my f*cking mind.

Last night, I decided to sleep longer than needed and fortunately, I slept for 12hours, though there were times when I woke up for a while.

anyway, today I went to my friend’s house to finish our project in Engineering Drawing 2.

Since I am a lot knowledgable in AutoCad than them, I also did their projects.

I was relieved when I finished them after 1 hour. (We’ve started our projects last week so there was just a few things to be added)

I went home at 7:20PM.

F*ck it. The atmosphere in the bus was really disgusting.

Well, not really disgusting but I felt a sudden headache and a lot of dizziness.

Up until now, I could still feel my head somewhat turning.


I hate this.

Anyway, I’ve been listening to Ne-yo’s “Mad” for several times now (more like “a lot“)

It’s my new fav song.

AMERICAN IDOL season 8 kick’s off tonight.

Watch it at Star World at 6PM followed by an encore telecast at 8PM.

Off to our home. Bye!